Well said Meryl Streep

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I love EVERYTHING that Meryl Streep said in her Golden Globe acceptance speech for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkinsdirected by Stephen Frears and written by Nicholas Martin.

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R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds

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So many sad deaths this year… a lot of bright stars have been snuffed in 2016… maybe I’m just getting older that all of my old childhood idols are kicking the bucket.
Gone are the golden years of Hollywood and now gone are most of the legends from that time.
R.I.P. funny lady ♥

come back to the table


It’s sad to think that 85% of American families never sit around their dining room table to eat a meal together. The discussions you have with your loved ones when the sole focus is the meal you are about to eat are very different to the discussions you have in front of the TV. Try to come back to the table at least a few times a week and if you can once a day. It will make a difference to your family dynamic and you might find out some interesting things about your family members. COME BACK TO THE TABLE!

I recently happened across a great story on CNN about a world renown chef Alice Waters who opened the now famous Californian restaurant Chez Panisse 45 years ago. She is credited with starting the modern farm-to-table movement and works closely with local food and wine producers.

I hope to make it to her restaurant one day… if you want to read more you can click through to this article on CNN which includes the video. Or if you want to watch The chef who changed US food forever you can do so below…

The chef who changed US food forever

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what i learnt this week 2016 :: WEEK 30

Have you noticed how busy everyone is? Every time you ask someone how they are it triggers a frantic list of things they have done or have to do and how incredibly busy they are.

Aren’t we all busy? Sure some people more than others but I’ve worked on projects with people who complain so much about being busy, that if they had spent that time doing rather than complaining they would have completed whatever they were complaining they didn’t have time to do. It’s a bit mental.

Busy in an addiction. It’s almost as if we need to validate our existence by proving how incredibly busy we are and by doing so we are saying ‘I’m important’.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t complain about things in life that bother us but if busy is all you’ve got going on, it might be time to reassess your life, what is important to you, what you are choosing to take on and what tasks you can say no to so that your life is less hectic and more manageable.

If you feel guilty because you’ve taken a moment to enjoy a quiet cup of tea, chat to a mate or binge watch OITNB then you likely have a busy addiction. It is important to meet targets and get things done in life, but it is also important to look after ourselves and recharge so that we can be the best version of ourselves and not a tired + angry + busy mess.

You don’t have to be productive 100% of the time. Be busy – just don’t wear it as a badge of honour.

Remember the old saying… all work and no play makes you a very dull person.

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education is a weapon

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Beautiful words spoken by Kipchoge Keino at the Opening Ceremony at the Rio Olympic Games 2016.

He is a Kenyan Olympic Gold Medalist who after a successful sporting career dedicated his life to helping children through education and sport. He initally opened a children’s home and now cares for almost 100 Kenyan orphans. He later opened the Kip Keino High Performance Training Centre and provides training to the most promising athletes in Kenya.

Kip is the first ever athlete to receive the Olympic Laurel award that will now be awarded every Olympics. The award was created to honour outstanding sportsmen and women for their achievements in social engagements.

I love his words, attitude and the great deeds he has done.

Legend ♥

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all violence against women begins with disrespecting women

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A few great things that Malcolm Turnbull said this morning…

“I’d say that as parents, one of the most important things we must do is ensure that our sons respect their mothers and their sisters,”

“Because … violence against women begins with disrespecting women. And so this is a big cultural shift.”

“Violence against women is one of the great shames of Australia. It is a national disgrace,”

“We as leaders, as a government must make it — and we will make it — a clear national objective of ours to ensure that Australia is more respecting of women.”

“We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women.”

Amen! It’s about bloody time that a man in a leadership role spoke up on the issue of respecting women as equals at every level of society. Come on Straya… we can do it.

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i try to never understand, it’s called an open mind

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Loving the new series of Doctor Who so far… bring it!

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i prefer to use my own opinion

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Perhaps the best quote from the Project Runway Season 14 premier was from designer Hanmiao Yang… “I prefer to use my own opinion.” Just killer. A very polite way of saying “Shut up Tim Gunn… I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” Love it! I’m always baffled why some designers dismiss Tim so quickly… don’t they know who he is?!?

Here is Hanmiao’s wardrobe tour featuring gifts from Christian Siriano (winner of season 4 Project Runway).

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innovations in science and technology

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a super star of modern science and with his recent trip to Oz he has been gracing our TV screens all week. Yay! He was on QandA at the beginning of the week and The Project at the end of the week.

This is why I love science… “Science works on the frontier between knowledge and ignorance. We’re not afraid to admit what we don’t know. There’s no shame in that. The only shame is to pretend that we have all the answers.” – Neil in his ground breaking show Cosmos.

On the project he threw out another great quote… “Innovations in science and technology will be the engines of tomorrow’s economy.” If only our politicians had such vision. Australia is such an innovative country with great minds but not enough funding. It’s sad because the great minds have to go overseas to complete their work, taking the profits with them.

If only our pollies were able to see the value that science and technology could bring to our future economy but they can’t see past the next election. Instead they cherry pick the science that suits their agenda… maybe we need more scientists in parliament house.

Here is his answer to the question “How do scientists prevent scientific ideas becoming politically partisan?”

Neil Degrasse Tyson, you are a fucking legend!


anybody can be anything if they want it bad enough

cectimm anybody can be anything if they want it bad enough.jpg

Now before the grammar cops arrest me for the way this sentence is constructed… don’t shoot the messenger! Deirdre Lamb is a fictional character who resides in the fantasy future world of the TV Show Defiance. She is super sassy and comes up with some ballsy one-liners that get straight to the point.

Whether you watch the show or not… just remember to go for what you really want 🙂



boycott bali

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I am not a particularly big fan of Bill Shorten (or any pollies) but his words this morning on the ABC rang very true for me.
cectimm andrew chan and myuran sukumaran do not deserve to be ex
There is no justice.
cectimm there is no justice in executing
The double standards of Indonesia on the topic of execution sickens me.
This is a super sad situation and I can’t see how it can be resolved positively.

i think the purpose of life is living…

Nalini Joshi is a very cool and very sweet Maths Professor at Sydney University. I saw her speak on Q&A on the ABC late last year. It was one of the more interesting episodes of Q&A (at least to me) and they also had the very famous Professor Brian Cox on the panel.
cectimm i think the purpose of life is living.jpg
I wish she had been my maths teacher in first year… I might have been inspired to study harder 😛 Here is a short snippet of the discussion about time travel (you can watch the entire episode here>>>)

I particularly loved Professor Joshi’s statement “I think the purpose of life is living. Every step is worth it.”

We can get lost in finding meaning and purpose in everything and perhaps we should just keep making steps…

kiss kiss

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there is so much pressure to buy expensive gifts and out-do the un-out-doable.
Why not just send a simple message of love.
cectimm kiss kiss
I’m sending out a ‘kiss kiss’ to all of my loved ones today, on Valentine’s Day and every day ♥
Here is some vintage naughties trash for your ear-worm pleasure :p Holly Valance and the 2002 hit ‘Kiss Kiss’.