social media is kind of like electronic graffiti… wtf!

Our fearless leader has some interesting views on social media and it just goes to show how out-of-touch he is…
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…however, I wonder how much he really means this statement as he spends over $4MILLION on spin doctors!

I think the boy doth protest too much, methinks.

i get really excited about making things

I always take note of quotes about creativity, the art of making and the passion required to keep on digging deep into the well of our minds to pull out a gem… perhaps to keep my own passion alive or to remind myself that – at least at times – it is a struggle for every creative, regardless of their chosen field.

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I heard Moby say this in a great short film “Inspiring Creativity – A Liberatum film presented by illy” available to watch on Vimeo and I love how simple it is… so many people speak of creativity as torture or suffering and this perspective is… well, it’s more me 🙂

The film is an insider’s perspective on inspiration from the minds of leading creative personalities including: Diana Picasso, Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer, Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin, Academy Award nominee James Franco, Joan Smalls, Johan Lindeberg, Jonas Mekas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Nico Muhly, Karen Elson, Karim Rashid, Klaus Biesenbach, Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels, Lola Montes Schnabel, Marilyn Minter, Mark Romanek, Tracey Emin, Moby, Paul Schrader, and TED founder Richard Saul Wurman.

Anything that loiters around inspiration is of interest to me… hope you enjoy this small look into the creative minds of some greats.

most of us do not even know how to ask a question…

Richard Saul Wurman is not only an American graphic designer and architect, he has written over 83 books and is a cofounder of the legendary TED talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design).

He is a legendary thinker but most importantly he knows how to ask a question… and judging by how much he has managed to achieve in his 79 years on earth (and many more to come I’m sure) no doubt he had a quest (or five) in his life…

Most of us dont even know how to ask a question.jpg

If you have a quote you’d like to see illustrated, get in touch 🙂

sitting is the new smoking

It’s been said many times of late and we’re becoming acutely aware of the health problems arising from our sedentary lifestyles. Sitting really IS the new smoking… as much as Orange is the New Black! It seems that everything is the new something but when it comes to over-sitting… it’s a drug we’re finding hard to kick.

Sitting is the new smoking.jpg

My mate Sabrina wrote the above statement on Facebook and it just perfectly sums up a little bit of what is wrong with all of our lives.

This is becoming such a problem that the Australian Physiotherapy Association have started a campaign to raise awareness and get us all moving – so get up and GO!

never trust a hug… dr who


Anyone who knows me, knows I love Dr Who. This mornings season finale was awesome (as ever) and I’m looking forward to the Christmas special.
I can’t say I share Dr Who’s views on hugging but I can see his point. I guess it is a good way to hide the emotions on your face that you don’t want seen. Food for thought Dr Who.Never Trust A Hug.jpg

you can do more than you think you can

I have to remind myself of this almost daily! Just push through and do more regardless of what it is you’re doing – art, writing, exercise, work, modern interpretive dance or partying.

Often the biggest challenge to creatives is battling their inner critic – regardless of what your inner critic says, you CAN do more than you think you can.
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Go hard or go home!

i’m a hot little potato right now – mugatu, zoolander

Got to love the fashion mogul and Derek Zoolander’s model agent Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell) in Zoolander (2001)… so many great lines and such a great (no stupid – no great) movie.

Life is too short to be serious all the time.

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