chip life :: benjamin :: balsamic & rosemary

I’m back – first post for the New Year… getting back into all things illustration 🙂

Benjamin had always been a bit of a blue-eyed pretty boy and he became an accidental hipster… one day he became aware of the working conditions of coffee plantation workers and the next thing he knew he was a full blown hipster. He really really really hated the Bondi Hipsters… they just took the piss out of anyone who cared about their food and the earth. He even considered shaving but he loved his beard too much to go that far
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This is the last in the current round of “Chip Life” profiles. I will be making a new series in the weeks and months to come. Get in touch if you know any great Chip Life ideas… someone you know might be just right. Send me a description of what their chip involves and how it affect them I’d love to bring it to life for all the world to share 🙂

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chip life :: leonard :: dill & pickle

I think we’ve all known a few Leonard’s in our time. I first came across a few at uni and it took me a while to figure out that their bitterness was just a cover for a fear of being rejected. It can seem easier to lash out rather than wait around to be rejected… but if we all did that we’d never be available to exciting new experiences.

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I think it would be very difficult for someone who has always been very good looking to all of the sudden age and lose their visual appeal. Most of us have a range of social skills we’ve cultivated over the years to attract a mate, find friends and connect with likeminded individuals. Imagine if you only operated on looks, what would be left if it all went away… hooray for average looks coupled with brains + humour + a personality 😛

Get in touch if you have any great Chip Life ideas you’d like to see :)

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chip life :: hannibal :: salt & pepper

Although I’ve never known a cannibalistic serial killer (that I know of) I have met a few people who have potential!

It seems that some people try so hard to prove their worth but never really feel worthy meaning you can easily deeply offend them with a lighthearted quip. A flippant comment made in jest can deeply wound and in silence they wait in the shadows to get their revenge much much later when you least expect it. Revenge can take many forms from dagger eyes, slanderous lies all the way up the psycho chain to violence and shallow frying.

Scan 3.jpegWhile this is clearly based on Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the 1991 movie The Silence of the Lambs there are real nut jobs like him in the real world. It’s scary to think that they walk among us so just be careful who you put down or pick a fight with… you don’t want to end up on their dinner plate.

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chip life :: river :: spicy guacamole

It can be hard to live on the fringe… just on the edge of what is considered ‘normal’ by society. But for many people they have no choice as they can’t bring themselves to join the rat race. An alternative lifestyle can be very appealing and have many benefits but it also brings with it a set of prejudices that can make fringe dwellers feel even more isolated and pushed out of the main stream.

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It seems that anyone who is willing to challenge what is considered ‘normal’ will attract some ridicule or derision. Just because someone is living an alternative life or a hippieish existence does not mean that they are a push over. Someone who gets kicked around enough will eventually come out kicking. It’s not all peace, love and mung beans.

Life would be so boring if we were all the same and these spicy gems bring colour and flavour into our world.

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chip life :: margaret :: french onion

It sometimes seems amazing that our early years on this planet can hold such a long lasting impact on our lives. Regardless of how long we live there is always something that will keep popping up from our youngest of years.

We can learn a lot from listening to our oldies and perhaps that is where some of the secrets of life are hidden 🙂 I have known many women and men like Margaret who bring up their hard learned life lesson. While we can not fully appreciate them due to our charmed existence we can still learn from their hard earned wisdom.
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Our beliefs along with our “chips” are a product of our experience and we don’t seem to choose the ones that impact us the most.

Take time out to chat to someone who may have a pearl of wisdom to share – it might just make your day.

Get in touch if you have any great Chip Life story 🙂

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chip life :: jessica :: jalapeño

We always assume that hot people have it easy but apparently there is a down side to being too attractive.
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It would be one of the better curses to have but I’m sure it can be a barrier for some. Hot face and body does not mean someone is dumb. I guess it all comes down to the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Get in touch if you know any great Chip Life stories to share :)

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chip life :: jon :: smokey bacon

Perhaps a bit appropriate being ARIA week and celebrating the glitz and glamour of everything music… we often forget about the underdogs working behind the scenes. It must be very hard to grow old and no longer feel relevant.

Scan 3.jpeg
We often joke about old people telling us stories that start with “when I was young” but if that was the best time of their life who are we to judge them heading back there as often as they need.

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chip life :: anthea :: chilli & lemon

Some bitter Betty’s don’t realise that they have a role to play in the hand that life deals them. I’ve known women who complain that no one gives them attention but won’t make an effort to look nice or even be friendly. Some people just choose to be bitter and don’t realise that they can make a change at any time.

Scan 3.jpeg

I hope I never choose bitterness as it is a yucky feeling and it makes any beautiful person instantly ugly.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or great stories to share :)

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chip life :: sandy :: salt & vinegar

In high school we had a teacher who had a chip on her shoulder. She would always pick on our group (or so it seemed in our teenage minds) regardless of whether we were being good or a bit cheeky. After a while we knew that she would single us out and while she made her rounds at lunchtime we would try to reach an imaginary chip on our shoulder (mime protest). We discussed the flavour of her chip and then brushed imaginary crumbs off our shoulders. She had no idea what we were doing and this probably added to her idea of us being trouble.

This idea of people walking around with a chip on their shoulder has stuck with me throughout my adult life and when I see someone being arrogant, angry or annoying I can get distracted by what flavour their chip might be. It’s a great distraction from their bad behaviour and my story telling/writing mind can get lost in the narrative of their Chip Life.

I have done a series of 10 illustrations of people wearing their chip… some of these are people I’ve met, some are characters from TV shows and some are people I watch on the train (in a totally non-creepy way) and imagine their life story + Chip Life.



This is Sandy. We all know someone who has gone into teaching for altruistic reasons who end up getting beaten up by the ‘system’. This is true in many countries… not just Australia. Perhaps some teachers lord their power over their students because they’ve realised they will NOT be the great change maker they once dreamt they would be.  Perhaps the teacher who inspired Chip Life was herself a disillusioned educator grabbing on to any sense of power she could – or maybe, just maybe she thought we could be much more if we applied ourselves rather than acting like a bunch of clowns.

I will publish the remaining 9 illustrations in the days to come.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or great ideas to share 🙂

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