what i learnt this week 2017 :: WEEK 21


Superman is super strong but he is made weak by kryptonite. I am usually really strong unless chocolate is nearby. I think it’s safe to say that chocolate is my weakness.

It is not something I can moderate easily – if at all. I can hear chocolate calling me from hiding places in cupboards and draws around the house and I will eat it all until there is none left. Then once it’s all gone I can hear the call from isle 2 of the local supermarket which is only a 2-minute drive away… road trip anyone?

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that is something I’m might to defeat in this lifetime.

Maybe like other addictions – that are much more serious – I can’t ever be left alone with my addiction.

I’m not sure why it is such an issue for me. Is it the sugar? Is it the texture? Is it an association with nice feelings from my childhood? Maybe if I could figure it out then I might have a chance of getting on top of this one. Until then I am a slave to coco deliciousness.

While I know that I am fully addicted to chocolate, I don’t know how to get on top of it and am open to suggestions, tips and tricks… does anyone ever get to a better place with chocolate? I would love to hear your success stories…

I aspire to be the kind of person who can delay chocolate gratification and enjoy a block of chocolate over days and weeks… I’m sure it is possible (fingers crossed).

what i learnt this week :: WEEK 33

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When I was a kid I dreamt of being a grown up and spending all of my wages on chocolate. It’s safe to say I’ve always had a strong relationship with the coco bean. In my 20’s I ate a lot of the cheep stuff and didn’t limit my intake. In my 30’s I modified my consumption by choosing the better quality chocolates and using the greater expense to better ration my sweet love.

After a few years of questionable health and increasing food intolerances, in January this year I started a very strict elimination diet with the RPA Allergy Clinic. To say that my diet was limited for the first six months of this year would be a gross understatement. However, it wasn’t difficult for me to adjust. I work from home and as long as I’m good at the supermarket, I’m ok for the week. Now that I’m able to eat a lot more (still not everything) it is somewhat more challenging. I could not eat chocolate until July… I couldn’t eat chocolate on my birthday or at Easter… but now I’m making up for it. I have had HUGE chocolate cravings lately.

The other night I remembered that my sister had a GIANT chocolate bunny left over from Easter and I ceremonially smashed it on the kitchen island for all to share. I am taking solace in the fact that it’s dark chocolate… so there are some health benefits! However, twice now I have eaten more chocolate in one sitting than I care to admit. I have conversations in my head along the lines of ‘this is my last piece’, ‘surely you can’t eat any more’ and ‘for fucks sake stop eating chocolate’. I don’t trust myself to be around the remains of that GIANT bunny and have left it at my sister’s place. However, I will be visiting her on the weekend and I’m sure I can finish it off 🙂

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