what i learnt this week 2017 :: WEEK 7

cectimm_WILTW_2017_Week7Every day we pretend to be stronger than we think we are. Everyone is fighting a battle of some kind, but most people slap a smile on their face and get on with their day. This is one aspect of strength being a performance.

Think of all the times you pretend to be strong… you fall over in the street and get up, pretend to be fine even though you’re dying on the inside and your butt really really hurts… when someone you love betrays you and you act as if your heart is not breaking but it’s really really breaking… you’re in heaps of pain and you must carry on as if everything is right in the world even though you really really want to curl up under a doona and cry.

I often wonder who we are performing for. On the one had we act strong so that others will think that everything is alright, for example if there is an accident some of us will try to keep it together so that everyone else will feel that everything will be ok. But there is another side to strength as a performance… it’s the performance we do for ourselves. I live with a lot of pain and often pretend that everything is fine, even if it isn’t. It’s about pretending that you can do something until you can… fake it till you make it.

However, we can go too far though and many people pretend everything is alright when they are falling apart on the inside… therefore it’s important to take notice of our family and friends asking them every now and then if they are ok.

The hard part is finding the sweet spot where we are pretending just enough to get us through but not so much that we’re covering up our decent into madness.

Strength is a performance and some of us are better actors than others.

pop culture robots, a historical study: robby the robot

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Robby the Robot is a science fiction icon that first appeared in the film Forbidden Planet (1956) and he was one of my favourite childhood robots. I fell in love with him in Lost in Space (1966 TV Series) that was played in high rotation in the 1980’s. Perhaps Lost in Space was the gateway drug for my later life long addiction to SciFi!

Robby was a protective robot and he was anthropomorphic (resembling human form, head, limbs and torso) so we could relate to him. If we were to talk to him we would know where to look and how to interact with him. He is a First-generation robot designed to take care of children and his catch phrase reflects that… “Danger Will Robinson”, he was always looking out for Will Robinson in their wacky space adventures.

Robert Kinoshita, a Japanese-American engineer, designed Robby the Robot and the original version cost $125,000 to build.

Frankie Darro, a legendary actor who started out as a child star in the silent film era and later became a character actor and voice over artist played Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet. The actor Marvin Miller added the voice of Robby in postproduction. Here is a picture from 1955 showing how hard it must have been for Frankie Darro to get into costume…
Frankie Darro as Robby The Robot 1955

Dick Tufeld voiced Robby the Robot in the 1966 TV Series Lost in Space and he later returned in the Lost in Space film remake in 1998. Starring Matt LeBlanc the film was not a huge success only getting 4.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes?

Robby the Robot also appeared in a 2006 AT&T advertisement along with Rosie the Robot form The Jetsons, cementing their place in the pop culture psyche of the western world.

Did you know that Robby;
– speaks 188 languages,
– uses Gyroscopic Stabilisers for balance
– is powered by Krell Energy
– is cooled by 44 head Mounted Cooling Fans
– was inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame in 2004

If you want your own Robbie the Robot you can have it for just $32,000. This is a special edition, life-size, fully animatronic remote-controlled version of Robby. A bit out of my price range but for a big fan I guess it’s a good investment. Check it out >>>

Robby was a true trailblazer in the introduction of robots into popular culture. He is as popular now as he was in the 1950’s.

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