are you a blamer?

A lot of people jump to blaming others rather than dealing with the situation at hand. This delightfully illustrated animation explains it perfectly. This video is a collaboration between Breńe Brown Ph.D. (researcher & storyteller), RSA (21st Century Enlightenment) and animator Katy Davis (amazingly talented freelance animator and illustrator).

Sit back, relax and challenge yourself to the question “am I a blamer?” and if the answer is yes… start doing something about it.

This video optimises excellent communication through short, concise story telling using simple and beautiful visuals.

As an illustrator I’m particularly in love with Katy Davis’s work (AKA Gobbylynne) and you can check out her work on her site, on her facebook page or her twitter profile.

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artists i like: liz climo

Liz Climo is an illustrator and artist who in her spare time creates beautiful and delightful animal cartoons. You see Liz works on The Simpsons. I love The Simpsons so that alone is worthy of a lot of respect. But then she has carved out a massive fan base online publishing these gorgeous animal comics. They are so simple and so funny.

She has published a picture book called The Little World of Liz Climo (hardback available on Book Depository with free shipping) and she is releasing a new picture book in 2015 called Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad. The Books are well worth the purchase as only a sample of the drawings are shared online so you’re still getting a lot of great new material (plus you’re supporting a living artist).



These are just too cool for school.


Who doesn’t love a good Breaking Bad parody!


I sometimes wonder if I’m afraid of heights being so tall… I do relate 😛


I think all non-gamers can relate to this.


The story lines are so simple and sweet.


An alarming number of the cute and cuddly animals in Liz’s drawings try to eat each other… just injecting a does of reality.


I guess it would be confusing for some animals… like the turtle who tried to hump the shoe (watch the video LOL).


Just in case you needed a costume idea for an upcoming Christmas Party…


And just in time for Christmas – got to get me some Candy Canes.

Find and follow Liz on Twitter, Facebook and on her Tumbler site. You can buy her books at Book Depository, prints from Society 6 and and T-shirts from Shirts and Ladders.

Support living artists 🙂


artists i like: elizabeth mayville

I really love Elizabeth Mayville’s work. She is an artist and illustrator based in Michigan. Her work focuses on ‘home’ and the little things that make us happy 🙂

Elizabeth Mayville still lives

Her beautiful still lifes are some how monotone and colourful at the same time. I really enjoy this type of painting. Her metallic and glass Cakestand, 2012, oil on canvas, 12 x 12″ (above left) reminds me a bit of one of my all time favourite painters… see below>>>

Margaret Preston Implement blue 1927Margaret Preston, Implement blue 1927

Margaret Preston (29 April 1875 – 28 May 1963) was one of Australia’s most accomplished female artists of the last century. She was very prolific in the 1920’s through to the 1940’s working as a painter and print maker. Aboriginal and Japanese art informed her contemporary and modern style. She was a trailblazer in her time and her work is still relevant today.

Elizabeth Mayville Landscapes

Back to Elizabeth Mayville‘s work… her gorgeous landscapes are perfection. This is just how I see the world. She has an amazing talent for cutting back on the detail but still telling a great story on her canvas.

Elizabeth Mayville Animals

Elizabeth‘s portraits of animals are very sweet and minimalist. Once again she has simplified the colour pallet and the background to showcase the gorgeous faces of her fury and feathered friends.

You can see a comprehensive list of Elizabeth’s fine art and illustration work on her site and you can purchase a prints & original works on etsy.

Support living artists 🙂

chip life :: sandy :: salt & vinegar

In high school we had a teacher who had a chip on her shoulder. She would always pick on our group (or so it seemed in our teenage minds) regardless of whether we were being good or a bit cheeky. After a while we knew that she would single us out and while she made her rounds at lunchtime we would try to reach an imaginary chip on our shoulder (mime protest). We discussed the flavour of her chip and then brushed imaginary crumbs off our shoulders. She had no idea what we were doing and this probably added to her idea of us being trouble.

This idea of people walking around with a chip on their shoulder has stuck with me throughout my adult life and when I see someone being arrogant, angry or annoying I can get distracted by what flavour their chip might be. It’s a great distraction from their bad behaviour and my story telling/writing mind can get lost in the narrative of their Chip Life.

I have done a series of 10 illustrations of people wearing their chip… some of these are people I’ve met, some are characters from TV shows and some are people I watch on the train (in a totally non-creepy way) and imagine their life story + Chip Life.



This is Sandy. We all know someone who has gone into teaching for altruistic reasons who end up getting beaten up by the ‘system’. This is true in many countries… not just Australia. Perhaps some teachers lord their power over their students because they’ve realised they will NOT be the great change maker they once dreamt they would be.  Perhaps the teacher who inspired Chip Life was herself a disillusioned educator grabbing on to any sense of power she could – or maybe, just maybe she thought we could be much more if we applied ourselves rather than acting like a bunch of clowns.

I will publish the remaining 9 illustrations in the days to come.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or great ideas to share 🙂

See the next Chip Life Profile 🙂

artists i like: rachel ryle

How much do I love Rachel Ryle’s work… let me count the ways. Beautiful and cheerful animation coupled with tiny tales that have to be watched over and over.
Follow Rachel’s work on her website, Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter.

Coffee anyone? I love making my own coffee at home in my caffettiera… but this is so much more beautiful than when I do it… got milk?

These quirky animations are full of magic… Abracadabra!

I adore the play on scale and the cross over between the 2D & 3D realms… Are you feeling lucky punk?

A little playful sandcastle fun just in time for Summer (in the southern hemisphere that is)… however, I’ve never been able to disassociate the song Mr Sandman by The Chordettes from Halloween II… still creeps me out LOL!

vision of greatness… some inspiration for satsumas

I recently did a commission for Satsumas – a data company that helps clients get easy access to their information. They wanted to adapt an old + daggy low res image into a bright and inspirational poster for their staff… “Vision Of Greatness”

Vision of Greatness copy

It’s so nice to get great feedback from clients and photos of your work in situ… this is how it looks in their North Sydney office.


I got it printed at Pronto Print in Neutral Bay and they were great – very professional and fast – they did a marvellous job with the block mounting too.

Get in touch if you have a vision of greatness you need to turn into an inspirational poster 😛

sebastien tellier – love… a beautiful & trippy annimated video

Sebastien Tellier is a French multi-instrumentalist who sings in English + French + Italian. If you don’t already love him… I think you will. I particularly adore this clip… do yourself a favour and get lost in the illustrated fantasy land where clothing is clearly not allowed.


The animation is by Sébastien Eballard + Ruben Sellem + Frédéric Venet and is breathtakingly beautiful. I love the colours, the characters and the trippy storyline. If only all of my dreams were drawn in this style and were as peaceful and meditative.

Follow Sebastien Tellier on Facebook + Soundcloud + Twitter.

physics + illustration

I LOVE SCIENCE and I LOVE ILLUSTRATION. This video is a perfect combination of the two… and we can all learn something while witnessing some stop motion beauty.

It’s amazing the great things you find on twitter 🙂