what i learnt this week 2017 :: WEEK 13


One of humanities greatest strengths, and at the same time greatest weakness, is the belief deep down that we are never really going to die. This allows us to let go and enjoy life without freaking out every 5 minutes that it’s all coming to an end… but on the flip side, it also allows us to be lazy, complacent and able to watch life slip through our fingers without a sense of urgency.

We often think it would be a wonderful thing to be immortal, however if we did live forever we would have no need to get things done, achieve anything great, push out limits or even get out of bed in the morning.

The same way a deadline at school or college allows us to achieve great work, so does a deadline on our lives. Some of us are better at managing that than others.

I think I need a bit more urgency and drive to be able to do the things I want to do in this life… while others need a little bit more down time to appreciate what they’ve already got.

It is not an easy balance to strike however, if you know that you can adjust your levels of urgency and relaxation then maybe you can find a better level.

We don’t live forever so love, play and work hard… your expiry date might be sooner than you think so take this chance to find out what you’re made of instead of rotting away on the couch (FYI I see the irony of me writing this on my couch).

Check out my main man Neil deGrasse Tyson speak about the urgency of accomplishment that knowing we will one day die can bring… it’s not a doom and gloom thing, is a positive 🙂

innovations in science and technology

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a super star of modern science and with his recent trip to Oz he has been gracing our TV screens all week. Yay! He was on QandA at the beginning of the week and The Project at the end of the week.

This is why I love science… “Science works on the frontier between knowledge and ignorance. We’re not afraid to admit what we don’t know. There’s no shame in that. The only shame is to pretend that we have all the answers.” – Neil in his ground breaking show Cosmos.

On the project he threw out another great quote… “Innovations in science and technology will be the engines of tomorrow’s economy.” If only our politicians had such vision. Australia is such an innovative country with great minds but not enough funding. It’s sad because the great minds have to go overseas to complete their work, taking the profits with them.

If only our pollies were able to see the value that science and technology could bring to our future economy but they can’t see past the next election. Instead they cherry pick the science that suits their agenda… maybe we need more scientists in parliament house.

Here is his answer to the question “How do scientists prevent scientific ideas becoming politically partisan?”

Neil Degrasse Tyson, you are a fucking legend!