what i learnt this week :: WEEK 47

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It took me many years to figure out that perfectionism was a prison that was preventing me from making and creating. It literally paralyses your creative process… wanting everything to be perfect is the best way to make sure you won’t do anything.

This doesn’t affect everyone one but it sure got in my way four about 15 years. This whole idea of “I’m not good enough” to paint, draw, write has inspired many books, courses and movements (like The Artists Way). We basically get in the way of our own creative expression and use all manner of excuses to do so.

To get over this I made a point of publishing and sharing less than perfect work and something rather wonderful happened… I started liking my ‘not-so-perfect’ results. I found that once I published something (regardless of whether it made an impact or not) there was now space in my head to create more… finishing something (perfect or imperfect) allowed me the room to make the next project… therefore, unblocking the creative process.

So you want to do something creative, or fun, or adventurers and you’re afraid to fail, to look stupid or not be the perfect being you think you deserve to be… get out of your own way and fail (best lessons ever), make fun of yourself (who said stupid wasn’t fun) and laugh along with anyone laughing at you (just think how happy you are making people) and embrace your imperfections because at the end of the day that is what will differentiate us from the robots once the uprising begins*!

*kidding, not kidding LOL
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I love this quote form Elizabeth Gilbert.

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i prefer to use my own opinion

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Perhaps the best quote from the Project Runway Season 14 premier was from designer Hanmiao Yang… “I prefer to use my own opinion.” Just killer. A very polite way of saying “Shut up Tim Gunn… I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” Love it! I’m always baffled why some designers dismiss Tim so quickly… don’t they know who he is?!?

Here is Hanmiao’s wardrobe tour featuring gifts from Christian Siriano (winner of season 4 Project Runway).

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just paint… fuck the world (NSFW)

My mother said this once and it stuck – I wrote it down and it stayed with me. I just have to find a way to practice thia philosophy more. At times it is very difficult to turn off the mean inner critic in all of our heads (easier for some than others).

Just paint fuck the worldSo put down the remote + put down your smartphone and JUST PAINT… xo