artists i like: peter dahmen

Peter Dahmen is a German artist. He is in fact a Paper Architect. His love for pop-up came about from his need to catch public transport with a major work while he was studying graphic design. I am still amazes me how our lives can change direction because of the most random things.

Peter manages to capture movement and shape in his dynamic paper works and he has managed to turn his love of pop-up into a full time career.

Here is a short documentry on Peter and how he got into paper architecture. His work and attention to detail is amazing.

This is one of Peters own videos featuring 5 Awesome Pop-Up Sculptures

Here is another one of Peters videos featuring Six Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

You can follow Peter via his site, on Facebook and Twitter.

artists i like: neil dawson

I haven’t seen this work in person but I hope to one day.

I love flat paintings + drawings and this sculpture plays with flatness in a whole new way. It is made out of welded steel and stands 15 meters high.


Neil Dawson (1948-) is a well known New Zealand sculptor and is best known for his large civic works crafted from stainless steel and aluminium. You can see more of Neil’s works on his site.

This work lives at Gibbs Farm also known as “The Farm” in Makarau, a 50 minute drive north of Auckland, New Zealand. Alan Gibbs bought the property in 1991 and decided to commission artworks to display on his farm, turning it into a beautiful outdoor gallery.