what i learnt this week 2016 :: WEEK 45

A lot has been said in disbelief and anger since the recent US Presidential Election! It has to be one of the biggest blindsides of 2016 – outside of Flick voting off Brook on Survivor Australia.

Some weeks has now passed and while I still can’t watch the man on TV (can’t look at him), I have taken the time to put it into perspective and I do believe it’s going to be ok.

While Trump is currently on his best behavior, there are limitations to what he can do and achieve. While he is in a position of immense power there are safety nets and potential blocks in his way. While he is at the helm he can effect negative change on America (and the world) but he won’t be in power forever. This too shall pass.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is like constipation… it hurts right now, but it will pass. Sometimes we have to endure terrible terrible things but eventually they make us stronger. What doesn’t kill you…

It’s not yet time to enlist for SpaceX’s Mars mission… let’s try to be the laxative the world needs and soften things up with love, acceptance and inclusion. Let’s be anti-Trumps and flush out the negative sentiment that has recently risen to the surface.

Unfortunately, many bigots feel empowered by his victory. We have seen many horrible examples in recent weeks… I won’t bother listing them. It’s up to the rest of us to show them the way… the softer, gentler and kinder way. We are the ford pills to his hatred and his ‘reign’ will make us all stronger.

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The Termite-Eater: Give humanity a chance… don’t vote for Trump!

“Nice night for a walk… Listen to me if you want to live.”

The Termite-Eater has come back from the year 2099 to save the planet. Don’t get him confused with that fake movie Terminator… he’s the real deal! In the future the only food sources are ants and termites so the anteaters & termite eaters now rule the world.

Humanity has died out!

Now in his future even the ants + termites are dying… they looked into the past and found the tipping point that turned the world to shit… He’s come back to stop America form making a big mistake. 

In the early part of the century humanity became disillusioned by their leaders. Protest voting became popular & the Philippines elected a crazy violent leader… this thirst for change at any cost spread to the USA and led to the rise of an unholy leader… America voted for TRUMP and then the world went to shit!

Give humanity a chance… don’t vote for TRUMP! Trump will terminate the economy and ditch the world into chaos.

There are ways of killing yourself without killing yourself*! Think about it.

Fix the future or the Termite-Eater WILL BE BACK!

The Termite-Eater has spoken… heed his wise words.

*Quote from Saturday Night Fever
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