what i learnt this week 2016 :: WEEK 23

This needs little explanation. It’s cold! It’s bloody cold!! This winter has been the coldest in more than 20+ years and I need carbs to survive. I do my best to eat a low carb diet… but I’m not crazy about it. This winter I have had a lot of trouble staying off the white stuff. I want buttery toast + home made cakes + pasta + rice + homemade chips with eggs + mashed potato + potato rice (ask me if you don’t know this pleasure) + baked potato + any type of potato.

I have realised that resistance is futile and by giving in and making my body happy (within reason) I am making everyone else happy as I’m not being a momentous bitch (which is likely a side effect of not eating enough carbs).

So the next time it’s cold and someone is cranky… just give them a potato and maybe they’ll be less bitchy.

Now I’m going to go and butter some hot toast and make myself smile 🙂 Fuck it… it’s too cold to be a hero!

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