I love a good quote… some are happy, others are sill, some will be profound and a couple might even be controversial. If you have a quote you think would look lovely all drawn up then please get in touch.

Dare to be more than you think you can be.jpg
Never Trust A Hug.jpg
Artists have to be compulsive.jpg
Training is what comes between me and.jpg
cectimm there is a purpose to life and it is music.jpg
It takes some stubourness.jpg
I get really excited about making things.jpg
We are the ones weve been waiting for.jpg
Scan 35.jpeg
Nothing lasts and people change.jpg
cectimm the thing about reality is
cectimm if you can tell a story you can write a story
In my humble opinion.jpg
Nothing lasts and people change.jpg
We only dutch oven the ones we love.jpg
Go the party.jpg
Most of us dont even know how to ask a question.jpg
cectimm it's what I call the high-end versin of fear.jpg
Creativity for me is hanging out iwth.jpg
cectimm people are not all one thing.jpg