Free Instagram Engagement Group for Creatives

Are you a creative who wants to share their work with the world?

Join the Creative Life Insta Team, a free engagement group for artists. We are a community of artists who like and comment on each other’s posts to boost Instagram engagement. This will potentially improve your following expanding your audience. We have members from all around the world and we invite you to join!

This is a niche group catering to artists of every kind. By engaging with similar accounts we can better support each other online.


Download Telegram

Download Telegram from the app store or onto your smartphone, tablet or computer. This is a chat app where you share your posts and we manage our group.


Join drop + chat groups

Ask to join our drop & chat groups in Telegram. Send us an email (button below) including your Instagram handle and we will send you the invite link if approved.


Get engaged!

Start sharing your Instagram posts in our Drop group and receive likes + comments from like-minded Instagram users boosting engagement!
Use our Chat group to ask questions & talk to members and admin.

All you have to do is engage with 7 x member posts + drop your link.
In turn, you will  7 likes + comments.

Why do you need an engagement group?

Instagram is no longer a level playing field.

The Instagram algorithm has changed over the last few years. Instagram decides who to show your posts to and this depends on how much engagement (likes + comments + saves) you get on your posts.
Basically, posts with more engagement get more exposure.
In an engagement group, we support each other by engaging with each others posts telling Instagram to show your post to more people… thus giving you the opportunity to grow your reach on Instagram.

The Creative Life Insta Team is managed by
Cecilia Timm AKA @cectimmartist
Rachel Marsden from The Great Creative Life
Joanne Stead artist

To get in touch with the admin team for The Creative Life Insta Team, please email and don’t forget to include your Instagram handle.