Cecilia Timm

Cecilia Timm

I am an artist & Illustrator, marketer & website designer. I love telling stories with words, pictures & creativity.


I am a visual artist and illustrator.

I love telling stories through colour and line. There is so much beauty in the world and I choose to focus on what I love and want to see in the world.

I love using pencils, acrylics painting, watercolour and digital illustrations.

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I provide social media and email marketing services.

I choose to work with organisations that work hard to improve our society and work ethically to earn a buck.

I enjoy applying my artistic eye and skills in communicating your corporate message.



Your website is your presence on the net. It’s so important that it reflects what you and your business are about and it should be clean, beautiful and easy to use. UX is everything!

Get your brand online and start telling the world what you’re all about.


Order FUCK OFF SPOT today and support Melanoma research

This is a story about a man (Simon Haralambopoulos) and his battle with cancer (Melanoma). It’s been a brutal battle that he still fights every day. He calls his Melanoma “Spot” and this “FUCK OFF SPOT“. By purchasing this book you will support Melanoma research with all proceeds being donated to The Melanoma Institute.

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