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Joan Miró was a proud Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He was born in Barcelona where a museum is dedicated to his brilliant work – I was lucky enough to visit this in the late 90’s. He hated conventional painting and did his best to rock the apple cart. His work is considered Surrealistic but to me, it’s more abstract. I particularly love his white backgrounds with strong bold lines and colours… I wonder if that has influenced my work as I hate painting backgrounds and I do love a bold line and strong colour?!? His work has a childlike quality that is instantly recognisable and appealing. It’s hard to know if it’s a homage to cave paintings or to the innocence of children. He endeavoured to assassinate traditional painting and while I don’t know that he achieved that, he did create a beautiful volume of work that is still vibrant and modern by today’s standards ♥

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