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Chuck Close is an American artist – painter, photographer and printmaker – who creates large-scale photorealistic portraits that a shown and collected all over the world. He is very prolific. His stunning portraits are so clear from a distance but when you get up close you see that they are made up of fingerprints, dots of paints or blobs of pigments. Chuck will often paint the same model over and over and one that I really like is Kara Walker. She is also an artist and has sat for Chuck for many paintings and photographs. In 2017 a large scale mosaic portrait of Kara by Chuck was installed in a Manhattan subway station. Small fragments of mosaic tiles come together to make a beautiful and luminous portrait. Chuck Close is inspirational in another way, he has managed to continue making extraordinary artwork and push the boundaries of modern art despite being severely paralyzed in 1988 due to a spinal artery collapse. His work is breathtaking in real life and I got back into art – in a big way – after I saw his last major exhibition in Sydney’s MCA ♥
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