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John Olsen would have to be one of my all-time favourite Australian artists. His work is incredibly energetic and this high level of energy does not seem to diminish as he gets older. At 90 years old, Olsen is not making as many public appearances but I got to meet him a few years ago at the opening of the Olsen Hotel and he was a delight. He was so kind and generous with his advice, he encouraged me to keep creating and he tried to stay in a quiet corner talking with me about art for as long as he could… until his publicity machine made him do the rounds. His work is childlike and free. His colours are at times bright and clean and at other times earthy and distinctly Australian. Any international art lovers out there who are not familiar with John Olsen, do yourself a favour.
Five Bells is one of my top 5 paintings that I would like to live with. Just in case you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, it is of Sydney harbor. It is on permanent display at the Art Gallery of NSW so check it out in person ♥

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