#adrawingaday #onthetiles

As with yesterdays drawing, it’s a friend of mines recent European adventure that reminded me of the beautiful and very old hand-painted tiles I saw in Sitges, south of Barcelona (I had to dig up my tourist photos). This small coastal town is equal parts modern and old-fashioned. It is a very cosmopolitan town that is very LGBTQI friendly, fantastic food, beautiful architecture and breathtaking views  ♥ This series of 12 tiles are on display next to a cannon pointing out to sea and a translation from Catalan to English is below…

History: This is one of the six guns of the Baluard de Sitges battery that on April 27, 1797 sustained a long battle with two British frigates who wanted to hurry four merchant boats anchored on our beach. After four hours of cannoning, the English ships had to be removed, defeated, without achieving their goal.

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