#adrawingaday #whatwouldFRIDAwear

Wake up sleeping heart ♥ While this is not actually something Frida would have worn, I love the idea of her resting on this sweet hand embroidered pillow. I am not sure if she did embroidery or if she simply loved buying beautiful embroidered clothes and accessories. She spent a lot of time resting due to her injuries and illness and it’s comforting to know that she was comforted by something so simple and beautiful.
Despierta corazon dormido translates to wake up sleeping heart and Frida’s heart was fully open. Pain can do that to people. It either crushes them or awakens them to the world. Thankfully Frida was the kind of person who took her suffering and turned it into visual poetry. She made the world a more interesting and more colourful place, in lots of ways.
I have loved drawing “what would FRIDA wear” this month and by doing so I have learnt so much more about this beautiful, fragile and incredibly strong feminist icon. Viva Frida ~ Viva Mexico ~ Viva Colour ~ Viva Art!

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