#adrawingaday #AlbumArt

This old dog, released in 2017, is the third full-length album by singer and songwriter, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Mac DeMarco. I did not know of DeMarco until this album and it was the album artwork that first got my attention. I loved the illustrative quality of it and then decided to listen to it. It is one of the few recent albums that I listen to in its entirety. I’m so playlist focused that I rarely listen to albums any more but this is an exception. The track On the Level is a particular favourite of mine… it’s so trippy and relaxing… I have repeat offended this track on many an occasion ♥ I chose this because I adore the album and the artwork but then I thought it would be an easy and quick draw… I was wrong. This was a hand-cramping task with all those lines 😛

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