#adrawingaday #aussieBIRDS

Welcome to another month of daily drawings 2018! This month I will be drawing a bird a day for the month of October. I love birds. We have a lot of birds in our own yard and they all have different personalities and behaviour patterns. Our gorgeous array of Aussie birds are under threat from loss of habitat. As the population of Australia increases and the demand for housing rises, more land is being reclaimed from nature to house people. With this decline, there has been a significant impact on the habitat, distribution, health and population of our precious birds. I hope that by displaying the immense beauty of our native birdlife in these bird portraits that more people might try to do their bit to protect these gorgeous creatures who have lived here a lot longer than any of us.

This is the red-browed finch. It’s a very cute mainly sedentary bird that doesn’t travel far lives in the east coast of Australia. They feed on seeds and insects on the ground and occasionally they perch on seeding grass heads.

If you would like to purchase a drawing or commission a portrait, please get in touch.