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Who doesn’t love the Sulfur-crested Cockatoo! The Aussie Cocky is a large white cockatoo native to Australia, New Guinea and some Indonesian islands. These very confident white parrots have a large greyish-blackish bill, a distinctive yellow crest and some yellow colouring under their wings. Noisy and cantankerous, these birds speak, scream and squark while standing still or in flight. They live in cities, suburbs and rural areas and are so successful at adapting that in some areas they are considered pests.

We have daily visits from our local Cocky’s and have had to stop feeding them as they are vicious and destructive. They are curious and cunning and still try to convince us to feed them by following us around the house and yard and flirting with us in the hope of rekindling our feeding partnership. It is hard to resist but the chewed up doors and fences are motivation enough for me to stay strong. I love them so much ♥

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