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The Noisy Miner Bird is a honeyeater native to eastern and south-eastern Australia. Often confused with the Common Miner bird, these birds have a bad reputation by association. They have mainly grey bodies with a black head, yellowy-orange beak and feet and a distinctive yellow patch behind each eye. They also have white tips on their tail feathers. They come from woodlands and open forests but they have adapted very well to living in urban gardens and parks. They feed on nectar, fruits and nectar and I see them food shopping in my backyard stealing spiders from webs. I feel honoured when they nest in my garden… it’s as if they trust us ♥ Despite their small size they take on much larger birds and I often see them noisily attacking magpies and currawongs. I once witnessed a large group defend a chick from a large black bird… they’re not always successful but they really try to stand their ground. Fiesty little buggers.

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