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The Crimson Rosella is a parrot native to eastern and south-eastern Australia commonly found in mountain forests, urban areas and my backyard. The most common Crimson Rosella is mostly red with bright blue cheeks and bright and dark blue highlights on their wings. Young Crimson Rosellas have the same blue cheeks but have green and olive green body feathers. Over 15 months they grow up and their green feathers turn blue. They live in small groups and will come into gardens with seed trays. They can be hand fed and may be very accepting of humans. We would still feed ours if it weren’t for the bossy and destructive Cockatoos but even without feeding them, there is one that is in love with mum and he visits her every day, following her around the house from window to window ♥ I love these birds and I am so lucky to have them visit us every day.

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