#aboutbloodytime #StoptheViolence #respect
A few great things that Malcolm Turnbull said this morning…

“I’d say that as parents, one of the most important things we must do is ensure that our sons respect their mothers and their sisters,”

“Because … violence against women begins with disrespecting women. And so this is a big cultural shift.”

“Violence against women is one of the great shames of Australia. It is a national disgrace,”

“We as leaders, as a government must make it — and we will make it — a clear national objective of ours to ensure that Australia is more respecting of women.”

“We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women.”

Amen! It’s about bloody time that a man in a leadership role spoke up on the issue of respecting women as equals at every level of society. Come on Straya… we can do it.

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