A lot of people jump to blaming others rather than dealing with the situation at hand. This delightfully illustrated animation explains it perfectly. This video is a collaboration between Breńe Brown Ph.D. (researcher & storyteller), RSA (21st Century Enlightenment) and animator Katy Davis (amazingly talented freelance animator and illustrator).
[youtube id=”RZWf2_2L2v8″ maxwidth=”1000″]

Sit back, relax and challenge yourself to the question “am I a blamer?” and if the answer is yes… start doing something about it.

This video optimises excellent communication through short, concise story telling using simple and beautiful visuals.

As an illustrator I’m particularly in love with Katy Davis’s work (AKA Gobbylynne) and you can check out her work on her site gobblynne.com, on her facebook page or her twitter profile.

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