what i learnt this week :: WEEK 26

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PLEASE NOTE: ‘youself’ is not a spelling mistake… it is an editorial choice.

I recently found myself at a cafe without any tech! Shocking I know. I had 45 minutes to fill and no iPhone or iPad to distract me from the fact that I was sitting at a cafe on the footpath all by my lonesome.

I felt a bit lost… my hands were lonely and wanted something to do. I thought about grabbing the news paper, but decided it was a cop out. Besides I had already read the news online before I left the house. So what was a girl to do???

Looking through my handbag I found a small note book and a pencil. I started drawing what I saw… I wrote down some ideas that have been floating around my head… I started making plans for future creative projects. Before I knew it my coffee date had arrived and I wanted more me time. It’s amazing what can come out of your brain when you don’t constantly bombard with with tech, music, noise, images, tv and junk. I am the biggest tech junkie I know so I’m not laying any judgement on anyone out there (including myself) but having a date once a week with just me might be just what the doctor ordered.

I dare you to try it… you never know what you might come up with 🙂

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