#adrawingaday #sweetas

As it is my birth month I have decided to celebrate all of the sweet treats I love to eat… in moderation of course 😛

Juicy Fruit… this was huge in my youth. They had great ads filled with fun loving beautiful people surfing and windsurfing… I wanted to be just like them so I too ate juicy fruit. However, the nuggets of gum never fell out of the pack as easily and elegantly as they did in the adverts 😛

“Get your sails set up, grab a piece of Juicy Fruit, the taste will get you going. Going up, going out, the taste will get you going when you pop it in your mouth.”Here’s a ad from the 1980’s featuring a very young Antoina Kidman…
[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM1ZdAvvcgg” width=”800″ height=”520″ rel=”no” theme=”light”]
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