#adrawingaday #sweetas

As it is my birth month I have decided to celebrate all of the sweet treats I love to eat… in moderation of course 😛

Being the last day of the month I wanted to finish strong… I LOVE BROWNIES. I love a good bought brownie… I love making brownies (I have perfected 2 amazing recipes)… I love eating homemade brownies. The good thing about making them is that no one else really knows how much was there to begin with. I can eat as much as I want and everyone else still thinks I’m a hero for giving them any at all 😛 I am trying to be super healthy lately and have not made any brownies for a while… now that I’ve finished drawing a month of #sweetas things I might have to bust out a tray of my triple chocolate brownies… so soooo sinful! Care to share?

If you would like to purchase a drawing or commission a portrait, please get in touch.