#adrawingaday #sweetas
As it is my birth month I have decided to celebrate all of the sweet treats I love to eat… in moderation of course 😛

Torta Mil Hojas is a glorious Chilean cake, its name literally translates to cake of a thousand leaves (or layers). Extremely thin layers of crispy biscuit-like pastry are stacked with generous layers of Manjar blanco (also known as dulce leech). It’s usually made a few days in advance as it gets better with each day… also, it doesn’t last long enough to know what happens to it after 3-4 days 😛 My Tia Hernan and I both agreed that the BEST Torta Mil Hojas was made by my Tia Cristina… by far the best on this continent. Perhaps the secret ingredients is her love ♥ Don’t worry Tia… I’m not hinting… just remembering xo
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