I love to watch people and I often conduct my own research… such as observing heel height v’s facial expression. It’s not exactly scientific but it does impress me that some of the best ‘resting bitch face’ I see around town are on women who are wearing high heels. The higher the heel the bitchier the ‘resting bitch face’.

It seems that western women are addicted to suffering! I personally don’t get it. Perhaps it’s because I’m tall or that I can’t wear heels, but to voluntarily suffer for no real reason is beyond me. A lot of women I know say that they feel sexier and more attractive when they wear heels but isn’t the benefit of longer looking legs and calves that ‘pop’ lost when the facial expression is not at all enticing? Maybe there is an evolutionary link that I’m not aware of that drives the obsession with artificial height despite the high cost of comfort + happiness + face-appeal.



I know a lot of women will not like my views on this – perhaps they can educate me on the enlightenment that can be obtained from wearing heels (at least on a daily and non-special occasion basis). I feel for their feet 🙁 poor puppies.