Nalini Joshi is a very cool and very sweet Maths Professor at Sydney University. I saw her speak on Q&A on the ABC late last year. It was one of the more interesting episodes of Q&A (at least to me) and they also had the very famous Professor Brian Cox on the panel.
cectimm i think the purpose of life is living.jpg
I wish she had been my maths teacher in first year… I might have been inspired to study harder 😛 Here is a short snippet of the discussion about time travel (you can watch the entire episode here>>>)
[youtube id=”GEFB4s4NrPw” maxwidth=”1000″]
I particularly loved Professor Joshi’s statement “I think the purpose of life is living. Every step is worth it.”

We can get lost in finding meaning and purpose in everything and perhaps we should just keep making steps…