Because of some interesting health issues I try to be as ‘natural’ as possible. I work hard to eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals in my home and diet.

A few years ago the whole crystal deodorant fad happened and I gave it a go. I used it on a day that was a particularly long day… all day at a conference and then straight onto a gala dinner. Mid afternoon I realised that the crystal was a LIE and had to deal with the ripe hamburgers* living in my armpits. Luckily I had some girlfriends at the conference who were staying in town and I went back to their hotel room and washed my shirt, dried it with the hairdryer and applied many layers of ‘real’ deodorant  and borrowed perfume. I think I got away with it but only because of the kindness of generous girlfriends.

Recently I have read amazing review about a natural deodorant in a pot – people are losing their minds over it. Some mates of mine got into it and could not speak highly enough about the product. The other week I was in the healthfood shop and decided to give it ago. I was cautious after my previous experience and used it around the house for a few weeks and it seemed ok. I used it on Friday – a long day out in the office. I didn’t think about it at all during the day but at 5pm without trying, I could smell my hamburgers. ARGHHHHHH! How could I let this happen again? I stayed away from people and kept my arms glued to my torso until I got home. I got away with it but it was a valuable lesson… DON’T TRUST NATURAL DEODORANTS. They don’t work in real life.

* hamburgers refers to the smell of an old timey and not very clean milk bar and the smell of gross hamburgers frying in old oil… this is a family saying and refers to bad BO.

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