We are all so busy and so organised that getting lost can feel like the end of the world. Sure, if you’re super late for an important meeting then getting lost can be stressful. Also, getting lost in a dodgy area can be very dangerous.

So important meetings and danger aside… it can be awesome to get lost.

Recently on a super fantastic holiday in Hawaii we got lost a few times. Hire cars don’t have Gregorys in them anymore and if your map app takes time to load then it’s very easy to get lost. One day we took a road we thought would go up the east coast and it was a slow road… speed limit of 26 mph and at the end of this very long road we did not come out at the east coast, we were at a dead end. This was very disappointing but we decided to go with the flow. We had unwittingly arrived at a luxury hotel and decided to pop in for morning tea.

We entered this unknown hotel with no expectations and we asked where we could have some morning tea and made our way down to the kiosk by the beach. On our way down we walked across a quaint bridge over a lagoon and were stunned to see dolphins swimming in the water. Our no expectations had turned into immense joy. We spent more than an hour admiring the playful dolphins, talking to their handlers and we ended up having a fabulous lunch on a tiny private beach. It was the most happy and wondrous of accidents and proved to me that it’s ok to get lost.

We’re all in such a rush to get everything done, appear perfect to everyone else and not waste any of our time/life. However, while rushing around everywhere we are missing out on many opportunities that may be awaiting us around the corner, down the road or at the end of a log slow road.

Get lost… you might like it.