Now that it’s winter – and a bloody cold one at that – it’s easy to talk ourselves into hibernating from the world, give up on our health & fitness plans and abandon projects. We retreat into our cocoons and watch Netflix (occasionally if we have enough energy, we might also chill).

While it feels natural to give into our lizard brain telling us to conserve energy and curl up into a ball on the couch, it is not the best use of our time. While a bit more rest and comfy cozy blankie time is delicious in these colder months, it’s important to keep moving and doing. You know how bad you feel after binge watching and entire series in a day… not saying I don’t do this… why can’t we watch 4 episodes and then get up and do shit?

Doing nothing makes you feel bad. It makes you feel useless and stupid. It makes you feel as if you’re wasting your life. In the long run, it makes you feel unhappy.

We are filled with potential. There are so many great things we could do – even in small increments – to make our lives and the lives of those around us better. It’s different for everyone but ask yourself, what is it for you? Is it writing a story, sharing a painting, studying online, baking a batch of cookies for a sick neighbour, doing some exercise, not eating the rest of the cake, writing to an old friend of heaven forbid, picking up the phone and actually talking to someone.

I know it’s cold, it’s fucking freezing, but put a limit on your supreme laziness and get the fuck up and do shit. Trust me, you will feel a lot better and happier 🙂