Anger is a tricky emotion. It can be a positive force in small doses but can be a very toxic and destructive emotion if not managed correctly.

a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
“the colonel’s anger at his daughter’s disobedience”


The trick to benefitting from anger is to use it as a motivating force. It’s holding on to anger that is dangerous to your physical and mental health. If you can use it as a motivator to strive further or work harder then you are transforming it from a negative to a positive force.

Anger can make you feel strong and powerful. It may even help push you forward to get what you want. It can be the incentive for change that you need to succeed and flourish.

It is believed that anger can make us push on towards our goals in the face of problems and barriers. Perhaps there are some milestones we never would have achieved had we not been sufficiently wound up by anger. Maybe a small dose of anger is the secret to success?!?

So, the next time you feel anger rising… make sure you don’t hold onto it. Use it as a force for good. Use it as a catalyst for change. Turn it into a positive drive forward. By not holding on to it you can improve yourself and push yourself further than you thought possible.