I am my own worst critic and I am by far my own worst bully. We, humans, are a weird bunch.

Some of us spend a lot of time building up the people around us but we simultaneously tear ourselves down. What is with that?!? Where did we learn this behaviour? Can we stop it? Yes, yes, we can…

I got myself an art coach earlier this year and she keeps reminding me to be kind to myself. I am super-duper hard on myself and I rarely give myself a break. Being periodically reminded to be kind to me has seemed to have worked. It shone a light on a behaviour I was not aware of. I did not realise that I was my own worst bully until someone called me out.

I am taking small timeouts – even when I’m seemingly crazy busy. I’m forgiving myself for not completing everything on time. I am allowing myself to eat the occasional naughty something without chastising myself. It has allowed me to do more work, be more creative and basically set myself up for greater success. It has had a really positive knock-on effect.

There is another side to being kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself you are showing others that you deserve kindness… in effect, you are leading by example. Show others that you respect and treat yourself well and they will too – and if they don’t, well they can just fuck off 😛

So be kind to yourself. You deserve it… and you’ll probably get more shit done!