There is not a lot we wouldn’t do for love… love is wonderful. It’s a fantastic drug that keeps us going through the tough times. However, if it feels bad, then it’s not love.

Love is uplifting. Love is caring. Love is joy. Love is support. Love is NOT pain. Love is NOT suffering. Love is NOT abuse.

We all want love, it’s a deep human desire. However, some people are sooo eager to be loved that they put up with all manner of crap. They put up with being treated terribly and they think they are loved. Well, I’ve got news for you… love should not feel bad.

Love is like a good pair of shoes. It supports you, makes you look good and lifts you up. We’ve all had a bad pair of shoes that pinches, makes your feet look horrible and leaves you with a sour look on your face due to the pain. Well, when a pair of shoes makes us unhappy, we get rid of them (or at least sensible people do) and we should do the same with relationships that hurt us.

You deserve to be loved… choose your relationships wisely.