A lot of women I know apologise WAY TOO MUCH!

I used to do this myself until a friend of mine called me out! He got really annoyed and asked me why I was always apologising.

I have recently noticed some of the women in my life over-apologising… a crazy amount.

“Sorry, can you please get me the bill?”

“I’m sorry, do you mind if I go past?”

“Sorry to bother you…”

It goes on and on and on… frankly, I’m tired of it. What are we all so fucking sorry about? I don’t notice any men doing this… it seems to be an exclusively female problem. We are brought up to be polite but this is getting out of control. It is as if these women are apologising for being alive and I used to be one of them.

It’s time to not be sorry anymore… at least for things that we shouldn’t be sorry for. It wasn’t until I was called out that I realised how much I over-apologised… once I stopped I felt so liberated. It was rather miraculous.

I do still apologise for things, but I make sure it’s only for things I should really be sorry for, like bumping into someone or being really late. It’s time to stop being sorry for being alive… if you really can’t stop saying sorry maybe start out by transitioning over to “sorry – not sorry.” Over time you’ll get used to it and stop saying unnecessary sorry’s.