It’s important to make things. It’s a fundamental human trait. We make all sorts of things… we cook, draw, write, paint, sew and create things almost every day and while for most of us it’s just a hobby some of us also try to make a living out of it.

I sometimes want to stop making something or using a particular style if it isn’t popular, doesn’t get any love or sales but why should that matter? If my intention is to make work that I love, does it really matter if it’s “successful”? I think not.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the capitalistic philosophy that rules all of our lives, but there has to be room for love activities, things we do just for us and passion projects. If some of them take off and make some money or garner some online love then great, but don’t let that be your driving force.

Only making things for profit or popularity will change the way you make. It will prostitute your ideas. It will make your work insincere and soulless. Often, it’s the soulful secret ingredient in a book, recipe, piece of writing or hand sewn gem that makes it super special.

We need to make from a place of passion. Keep making, keep challenging and keep trying new things… maybe one might take off and become a success but what the fuck is success anyway. Success is in the making. You actually got out of bed and made something. That is the prize. That is your gold medal.