Happiness is free and it should be a social requirement, however, some people feel guilty if they are happy.

I know people who seem afraid of happiness. They feel guilty if they are happy or they think their happiness comes at the cost of someone else’s. I don’t understand this as I grew up in a very happy household with an awesome mother who still grasps every opportunity for happiness.

I’m not sure if this fear of happiness is a hangover from religion or family belief systems but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being happy. Being happy does not negatively affect anyone else and if it does that’s their problem.

Happiness has so many benefits. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your mental state, it’s good for the people around you as it is an infectious state of being and it is good for your soul. We can sometimes hold onto negative feelings as there is something satisfying we get from them but there are many more long-term benefits that come from being happy.

Sometimes happiness needs to be manufactured. Think of laughing yoga… it seems silly to fake laugh but within a millisecond, the laughter becomes very real. This is also true for happiness… you can’t wait for it to come to you, you have to manufacture it… the more you have it the more you will get. It’s one of those things (like love) that gets enriched rather than diminished when shared.

Make a conscious decision to be happy… see the best in every situation… have a good laugh… read a funny story… watch a silly movie… do everything in your power to be happy TODAY. Maybe you’ll get more comfortable with happiness and it will grow… happiness is the best infection you could get 😛