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Thanks to a flawed scientific study in the 1950’s, a US army survival manual in 1970 recommended hat use due to the belief that “40 to 45 percent of body heat” is lost from the head. This has since been debunked and current science believes that any part of the body that is left uncovered in cold temperatures will lose heat.

Having said that, a lot of people are told to wear hats to protect them from the cold. Also, in the hotter countries, hats have a different function… protecting us form the sun’s rays. Regardless of why, Fred’s mum wanted to protect her son when she wasn’t around… so she always told him to wear a hat. Sound advice Fred’s mum, regardless of where you live on this rock we lovingly call earth 🙂

However, some people ALWAYS wear a hat… and who knows why…?
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I recently asked a bunch of people to share with me a piece of advice their mother had given them. Some are wise, others are hilarious but most of all, they are all true.

While the words in these illustrations are direct quotes, the characters are inspired by each advice recipient and are not meant to be an exact likeness. I am only using their first name so they can stay anonymous, if they choose.

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