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It is true that you are good at what you do often. Friends will tell me they wish they could draw and I always ask “well, do you draw every day?” Lisa is a very talented illustrator as well as being an accomplished violinist. So the moral of this story is, do stuff you want to be good at… eventually you should become ‘good’ at it.

I recently asked a bunch of people to share with me a piece of advice their mother had given them. Some are wise, others are hilarious but most of all, they are all true.

The idea for this project came about after an unusual discussion I had at a party with a very open minded and outspoken french woman. She shared with me a very personal piece of advice her mother gave her… she said it was the best advice her mother had given her. I am not sure if I will ever be comfortable publishing her advice as it is sooooo explicit! It did shock me, stick in my mind and give me the inspiration for this project 😛 Merci beaucoup.

While the words in these illustrations are direct quotes, the characters are inspired by each advice recipient and are not meant to be an exact likeness. I am only using their first name so they can stay anonymous, if they choose.

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It would be awesome if you could send me your mothers best words of wisdom… it might just help someone else out 🙂

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