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If only we all listened to our mothers sage beauty advice before it was too late. There are lots of things we do when we’re young that we regret later… on-trend make up, tramp stamps and over plucking our eye brows. Eyebrow trends change and what we don’t realise when we’re young is that once they’re plucked they don’t always grow back. Now day’s brows are big business… 20 years ago everyone was removing them and now everyone is trying to get them back. Dam you fashion!

I recently asked a bunch of people to share with me a piece of advice their mother had given them. Some are wise, others are hilarious but most of all, they are all true.

While the words in these illustrations are direct quotes, the characters are inspired by each advice recipient and are not meant to be an exact likeness. I am only using their first name so they can stay anonymous, if they choose.

Feel free to share on social media (please link back to my site). It would be awesome if you could send me your mothers best words of wisdom… it might just help someone else out 🙂

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