Patch: STAY 1.5 METERS AWAY, FUCK 2020, 8 cm


This commemorative STAY 1.5 METERS AWAY, FUCK 2020 patch is the ideal moment and antidote to the year that has been. Fuck 2020 and all the crap it has brought us.

It’s not all bad, there is always a bit of good peppered in with the crap but I thought it was appropriate to memorialise a year of unprecedented unprsidentedness.

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Patch measures 8 cm x 8 cm or 3.15 in x 3.15 in. It is designed and made in Australia.

The iron-on backing on the patches works best on natural fabrics like cotton rather than synthetic materials. I recommend adding a few stitches around your patch to keep it secure or better still, secure it with a circle of machine stitch (use the same colour thread and it becomes invisible)!

Patches will be sent in a hardback envelope to ensure they arrive safely!

All artwork is the copyright of © Cecilia Timm AKA cectimmartist, 2020.

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Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.1 cm