#RIPLeonardNimoy #RIPSpock #RIPWilliamBell
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He brought a cold and unfeeling character to life and despite Spock’s inability to feel… we certainly loved him.

Leonard (and Spock + William Bell) developed a cult following over the past 83 years. I love Leonard in Star Trek (who wouldn’t love Spock) but I also adore him in the TV series Fringe (2008). If you haven’t watched it… do yourself a favour and get a bit more Leonard into your life (he’s not in every episode but he rocks).

[youtube id=”eVFNNWLCXPo” maxwidth=”1000″]

He was also a poet and it’s sad to see that poetry is one of the arts that is falling out of favour. I love this poem he shared on February 22 via twitter (he was saying goodbye on twitter for a while now)…

You and I
have learned
The song of love,

and we sing it well

The song is ageless
Passed on

Heart to heart
By those
Who have seen
What we see
And known
What we know
And lovers who have
Sung before
Our love is ours
To have
To share

The miracle is this
The more we share…
The more
We have

-Leonard Nimoy

Wise words from a cultural icon “The miracle is, The more we share… The more We have”. Just wonderful.

Rest in peace my Vulcan friend 🙁