Perhaps in keeping with last weeks post about privacy and shame… poo is everything.

Everybody poops (sung to the tune of R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts)! It’s a fact. If you don’t poop you will eventually die.

Pooping is as important to life as breathing, eating and drinking enough water… but there is little discussion on the importance of poo. A lot of taboo and shame surround the subject of poo… at least in Australia and the Western world. But EVERYBODY DOES IT! Yet most people act as if it never happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should get rid of cubicles to play canasta and sip cocktails while taking a dump, but we could remove some of the stigma and shed some light on the dark topic.

If more people talked about poo, poop or pooping then maybe people who have difficulties or abnormalities would be able to better identify that something is wrong. Some people are really unwell and would rather die than talk to their doctor about their bad poo situation.

Another important benefit of removing the stigma of talking about poo is that there are so sooo sooooo many funny stories about poo… the world can only benefit from frank discussion about our struggles with our dark passenger (gratuitous Dexter reference there for the fans).

Look after your poo… eat good food to cultivate great poo… do exercise to keep poo on the move… keep track of changes in your poo… buy good quality toilet paper that is responsibly sourced… don’t use ‘flushable’ wipes as they are NOT flushable… talk to your doctor about any significant changes in your pooping habits… more importantly celebrate great poo. There is nothing better than doing an awesome shit and feeling like a million dollars.

Here’s hoping you feel like a million dollars today.

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