Stating the bleeding obvious I know but it’s not until your sleep is compromised that you realise how precious a commodity it is.

There are a lot of articles on The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed about sleep, sharing tips and tricks to get to sleep faster and stay asleep. This is a good indication that a lack of sleep is a widespread issue in the Western world. What are we doing wrong that we are experiencing sleep issues on an epidemic level?

Maybe it’s stress, the blue light emitted by electronic devices, over stimulation from diet, drink and devices, working too hard, not working out enough, snoring partners, sleep disorders… the list goes on and on. Whatever the reason is… you need to figure out a way to fix it.

I usually don’t have much trouble falling to sleep but the quality of my sleep varies immensely… my problem is nerve pain. The pain is different on different days and can really effect the quality of my sleep. I did a sleep study a few years ago and they found out that I wake up (not consciously but medically) 300 times a night but I don’t have sleep apnoea.

It has taken many years but it seems that trying to manage the pain improves my sleep, so I make an effort to take some kind of painkiller an hour or two before bed to make sure I can sleep through the night. This has a positive knock on effect… the more good quality sleep I get the better my pain is and the frequency of my ‘attacks’ is reduced.

I can now see a dramatic change in my pain, functionality and mood after getting a good nights sleep compared to a bad one. My neurological proclivities means that the difference is very obvious for me, but I am sure that it still has a huge effect on everyone else… perhaps it’s just harder for neurologically normal people to notice. So why am I going on about this? Sleep is really important not only for our health but for our state of mind and happiness.

Do whatever you can to get a good nights sleep – naturally of course. Turn off the TV at 10pm… take advantage of Night Shift on your iPhone (there is an android equivalent) to switch off the blue light rays on your phone and tablet (blue light makes you more awake and can negatively effect your sleep)… and eat before 7pm as being full can get in the way of a good nights sleep.

Sleep is king and making sure you sleep enough WILL make you happier… with positive side effects for the people in your life as you’re less likely to be a bitch!

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