Good health is something people take for granted, until they have a reason to miss it. It is not until we lose our health or a loved one gets sick and dies that some of us decide to get as healthy as possible. If only the young and healthy had some insight and understanding of how their lifestyle will negatively affect their future.

In my mid thirties I started having nerve pain and weird neurological events… it took many years and many doctors to figure out that something is affecting my nerves but the doctors still can’t figure out what! It’s a bit weird to live under a cloud of uncertainty but I do my best to be the healthiest I can be. I make sure I eat really well, exercise and stay strong despite the pain and inconvenience. While I’m working really hard to stay healthy I see people throwing their good health away and it kind of makes me angry… I want to slap the up the back of the head and let them know how good they’ve got it. I don’t do this, as it never works. It takes pain and sickness and tragedy for some people to ‘get it’ – and even then many don’t.

We can’t control every aspect of our health but there is a lot we can manage and influence. I hope that more people will be aware of what they are doing to their precious and beautiful bodies before it’s too late. Look after it NOW before it’s too late.

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