I have never been a big fan of Malcolm Turnbull. I’ve never thought too much about him at all until he became our Prime Minister.

However, when Malcolm took the Top Job from Tony I was hugely relived (as were most Australians). We let our relief that Tony was gone cloud our vision of what our new fearless leader was or could be. At that time of Malcolm’s ascension I had come around to thinking that maybe he was one of the good guys. It appeared that he had moved to the “centre”, he seemed to believe in climate change and that he would fight for marriage equality.

The honeymoon is over and it seems that Malcolm Turnbull was just pretending and now the real Malcolm has revealed itself to us.

Here are some ways Malcolm Turnbull has let me down:

  • Failing to do anything about Marriage Equality despite supposedly backing it for the longest time.
  • Deciding to waste taxpayers $ on a non-binding plebiscite for Marriage Equality. Why?
  • He has done NOTHING to remedy the impending disaster that is Climate Change. It is barely mentioned and funding for important scientific research including the CSIRO has been dramatically slashed.
  • His unflinching support of Peter Dutton after his insensitive and ignorant comments about refugees shows me how out of touch with Australian sentiment he really is.
  • He took so long to come up with any economic policies and when he did he announced that he would like to further tax the poor and vulnerable instead of the entitled people and corporations that do their best to avoid tax.
  • Malcolm’s proposed changes to Medicare, reduced funding for hospitals and medical procedures is a cruel short term cost cutting exercise that will make access to medical treatment a class issue.
  • Cuts to education funding are short sighted and will have long term negative effects – can someone please give Malcolm a copy of Freakonomics!
  • Despite spruiking for the great innovation boom he totally fucked up the NBN (that one was a long time coming) – clueless. Also, by cutting funding to research he is sending Australian innovation offshore.
  • He clearly has NO IDEA of how ‘the rest of us’ live; he thinks everyone’s parents are going to buy them a house!
  • He recently cancelled an afternoon of campaigning after a single mother asked him a few hard questions… I expect our leader to have a thicker skin than that.

My problem with Malcolm is that he pretended to be ‘one of us’ while he was waiting in the wings for his ascension, but once he got the top job he reverted to type. I feel foolish that I ever believed his charade. I hope Australians can clearly see his lack of caring for vulnerable people and how out of touch he is with the average Australian.

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